Is life getting you down? Do you feel alone sometimes? Do you often watch with desperation as everyone in your life dances pointlessly around you, trying to sort out this thing called life as they creep ever closer to their inevitable deaths?

Well then, I have some books you might like.

Some Bullshit Poems and its successor, More Bullshit Poems, both currently available in physical form here, will both be re-released in ebook form on November 20th. They will cost whatever price you want them to, which means they can even be free, or $10,000 dollars each if you’re feeling generous.

In addition, my brand new book, Another Book of Bullshit: A Slipshod Collection of Disjointed Thoughts That Serve No Practical Purpose in Existing, will be available in physical, or pbook form on December 2nd. The cover of said book will look like this:


The inside of the book will look mostly like words.

So be sure to pick up all three. Critics are calling them, “Who the hell is Eric Gallagher?” and, “Please stop emailing me about writing a review for your terrible self-published crap.”